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Start Your Own Business Now

Congratulations you have taken the first step to launching your career! 

We have a warm and inviting environment for you to grow your business as an industry professional renting your own space. 

We offer the unique opportunity of starting your business as a commission-based booth or suite renter.

 How does that work? 

Well, it's pretty simple. 

Your rental rate is based on your gross revenue for the first 90 days. You only pay a portion of your gross income to the Salon/Spa up to your weekly rent rate and the rest is yours to keep. For example, let's say your first week you only have X number of clients at a service of $ of Y each, your rent would only be 40% of that revenue but no more than the weekly rental goal. The reason for this is to help you get started in the best way possible. We're here to PAY IT FORWARD. The goal is to help motivated Salon/Spa professionals get started and succeed. At the end of your 90 day period you should reach your goal of becoming a full-fledged Independant business owner renting your own booth or suite. 

For more details send your resume to and Michelle will reach out to you personally to schedule a tour of our salon and day spa. We can also review your resume at that time. We have so much to offer you and look forward to meeting you soon.

This program is offered at all three locations.

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